Referrals Program

Referrals = A Little Extra Cash For You!

If you refer someone to HBD, we’ll give you up to ¥20,000.

How It Works

If you refer someone to HBD and that person/company becomes a client, you get credited back up to 20,000 Japanese yen (or the current exchange rate in your currency).

All you do is fill out the form below and send it off. If everything works out well, we’ll ask you for your bank account information (or Paypal) and transfer you a token of our appreciation.

Why so much money?

If you intend to recommend Humble Bunny Design to someone else, it means that you’re a supporter. It means that you have provided sustenance to the company and HBD members through your heartfelt reach out. We feel strongly about returning that favor.

Moreover, a discount is useful but if you have no way to use it in the near future, it lacks the immediate value that we feel you’ve provided us—something we’d like to return back to you as soon as possible.

How much do I get?

Well, there’s a finite formula in place. We base the payout on the value of the project you referred over to us. We’d love to tell you the formula, but then you would know what the customer paid. For privacy’s sake, we can’t do that, but just know that it’s probably a higher rate than the interest you’re paying on your student loans, car loan or mortgage.

Some Important Guidelines

  1. Anyone can recommend another person!
  2. You can only receive a commission in connection with the customer’s first project.
  3. Not all projects qualify for a reward (specifically printing-only projects, some low-cost services and a few others).
  4. You can only redeem one (1) referral refund per individual and/or organization. If a customer/company hires us again, a second credit will not be given.
  5. Your referral must be the definitive link between HBD and the client. If we have already established a relationship with the client, you may not be eligible for the reward.
  6. There’s no limit on how many people/groups you refer. In other words, there’s no limit to how much money you can get. If you know four different groups that could use HBD’s services and they all sign up, you’ll get a share of each!
  7. You will be paid when the project is complete. Some projects can take a long time so please be patient.
  8. This service is subject to change or end at the discretion of HBD.

Please understand these important rules. By submitting a referral, you’re officially stating your understanding of them.

The HBD Referral Form