What is PPC/SEM?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM (also called Pay Per Click Advertising) is a form of paid advertising that caters completely to your budget and can put a huge boost on your incoming traffic while introducing your product or service to new potential customers.

What SEM does is allow you to choose keywords that your prospects are likely to search for in a search engine (like Google or Yahoo!). Then, you develop an ad that appeals to those searches to help pull traffic into your site. When a user searches for those keywords, your ad appears there right next to the search results.

Your ad placement (above or below your competitors) is a combination of your ad quality/relativity to the user plus the price you’ll pay. Essentially, the better quality ad, the less money you have to pay for it—though it’s actually much more advanced than that.

For considerably more ROI and tangibility than traditional ways of advertising, SEM allows you to pay for either clicks (that link over to your website for example) to increase conversions or impressions to improve brand awareness (the number of views on the ad). You can also make visual ads to be featured on site homepages and do retargeting, which puts that same visual ad in front of a user who already visited your site previously—for even more efficient customer conversion.

Why should you do SEM for your company?