Web Design & Development in Tokyo, Japan


4 Reasons to Have (or Improve) Your Website Design

  • Improve Sales
  • Raise Your Professional Credibility to Match Competition
  • Lower Sales/Admin Costs
  • Reach More Customers

This is the meat and potatoes of your online marketing efforts. This is where it all comes together. Due diligence and a concerted effort here mean more abilities to improve the bottom line and everything that comes with that.

We’ll avoid going into details about WHY you need a website because you most likely already know.

Instead, we’d like to tell you why you’re better off choosing us for your web project:

Why should I choose Humble Bunny for my web project?

81% of Customers Come Back

First and foremost, our service track record. Since officially starting up in January of 2010, an incredible 81% of our customers have come back to us for follow-up work after their first project.

Positive Feedback

Take a look at the feedback from some of our customers to hear their candid thoughts directly related to our service and process.

We take pride in doing work right and taking care of our customers. That being said, we hold ourselves and everyone we collaborate with to a high creative and professional standard. We work only with the most enthusiastic, passionate, and project-oriented professionals to make sure our clients are happy and have what they need.

An Edge on the Japanese Market

Located in Tokyo, our staff are a mix of cultures aligned to help you with your target market and company needs. We have native Japanese designers, copywriters, marketers, and developers, who bring their unique insight and knowledge of the country to our products. This means targeted market entry and cultural sensitivity in the end product.

So, you could probably get that from a Japanese-run firm right?

Well sure. But we offer the same true native Japanese quality with native English language support, guidance, and consultation. This means we get it right and we have the language ability to explain it to you so you can understand your market better.

Oh…we also try to bring some of that Japanese business ethic and humility into the equation too.

An Edge on the Western Market

If you’re looking for a western influence, we’ve obviously got that covered as well. Even better, if your company is located in Tokyo, we can meet you face-to-face so you don’t have to take a “shot in the dark” with an overseas company.


Take a look at any of our service pages and you’ll see that we’ve backed almost all of our work up with real data. You can find our performance data for web design and development at the bottom of this page.

Long-term Investment

We have outstanding relationships with nearly all of our clients and we’re always thinking about them. Most of those continue to be professional, but all of them continue to be friendly, connected, and supportive.

Attention to Detail

There are a lot of small points that go into building a website. Lots of loose ends and lots of “integrity” points. When building a site, it’s hard to know what can go wrong until it goes wrong. We do a lot of leg work to make sure those things are not an issue.

We Can Help

Humble Bunny’s Results:

  • Select Company Website
    • +93.5% more users over same period year-to-year
    • +46.3% increase in organic Japanese traffic through Google
  • Hand In Hand Website
    • +70.4% more EN sessions

Humble Bunny can help you with your website performance, design, and development. With expertise designing for both western and Japanese markets, you can rest assured you’ll get exactly the design, angle, and performance you need while maintaining the spirit and passion of your company.

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